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Fast Forward…

It’s now August 2014, so about 14 months since I last posted.  So much has happened… travelled to so many different places, Cayman Island and got to swim with sting rays, went to Disneyworld in Orlando for the first time in my life, shopped in Miami, got to visit Taj Mahal, Jaipur, caught a train in Delhi to Agra, see the White House, the Rocky Balboa statue in Philly, see North Carolina lifestyle, see the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, walked on the London Tower Bridge, see Sagrada Familia, flew over the Alp, see an active volcano and Waikiki Beach and so much more.

So after all of these travelling, I decided it was time, time to finally settle and get our lives sorted out. Of course, discussion had to be had with the husband. I couldn’t make the decisions on my own, after all we were in a partnership.  We were going to make a decision whether to stay in Adelaide or go back to Sydney…  The conversation became debates to arguments. Husband wanted to go back and needless to say, so did I, but it wasn’t a realistic and economical decision for us. He had no intention on going back to the workforce and I couldn’t afford to support us living in Sydney.  And as contradicting as this may sound, I opted to purchase a townhouse in Adelaide instead.  I can afford to pay the mortgage here!  In fact, my mortgate was going to be less than my rent, so off I went and went through the whole process.

Next, I wanted a family so we decided to go ahead and proceed with IVF, the procedure which I put on hold for 18 months. It doesn’t come without any hurdle of course as during my blood test, they identified that I had Hypothyroidism.  My TSH which is meant to be between .4 to 4,7 was 55.24.  The specialist asked if I was feeling tired, losing hair, dry skin, feeling cold, depressed?  All of which I felt but simply ignored due to the different factors:

  • Tiredness – I was working long hours and travelled quite a bit. I drank a LOT of coffee to compensate for this although looking back, even after a few coffees, I still needed to take a nap
  • Losing hair – did’t really take much notice of it, but looking back at it now, there was a lot of hair on my carpet floor!
  • Dry skin – I simply put this to not drinking enough water due to winter hence the chapped lips
  • Feeling cold – it’s winter, you can’t help but feel cold!
  • Depressed – did I ever!  But I just put that down to stress at work & living with my parents at my age!

So after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I had to get on Thyroxin for 6 weeks and wait for my TSH to go back to normal before we could start on the process to eliminate complications during the pregnancy & the health of our potential baby.

Once my TSH was back to normal and the first day of my cycle arrived, I started with my hormone injections.  They’re as follows:

  • Gonal F every night from Day 2 of my cyle for 8 nights
  • Organlutran began on Day 6 of my cycle for 6 nights
  • Ovidrel Trigger shot was on Day 11 of my cycle
  • Egg retrieval on 8 August
  • Egg transfer on 12 August

2014-08-02 21.07.43

During the above process, my mood swings were completely out of whack!  I’m already a moody person and I got to give to my husband for being patient with me.  I’ve been teary, irritible and just plain difficult to deal with!  My breasts were very sensitive for about a week and has since gone back to normal – no pain, but still slightly bigger than normal.

It’s now 22 August, which is 10DPT and I’m starting to bleed. I’m unsure if it’s implantation or if ICSI didn’t work.  I’ve called the clinic but unfortunately I haven’t been able to get hold of a nurse and now waiting for them to call me back.

I’ve held off with POAS as I’ve been told that this can at times be incorrect and a BT would be more accurate.  Besides, husband won’t allow me to purchase them anyway as he’d prefer to wait until BT day. That’s on Monday, 3 days from now!  I’m unsure if I’m going to be able to hold off!

I’ve been a reading a lot of forums to see if this is normal and it seems that some still come up with a BFP even when they do bleed so I guess really, I won’t know until Monday afternoon!



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