Our Journey

For Better or Worse


It’s been 3 weeks now since my husband and I had our argument.
We’re still not the same. I’ve apologised, I’ve tried to redeem myself, but he’s still distant.
Not sure if we’ll ever recover from this.

I’ve tried speaking to him about it, but he’s not very forthcoming. There would be times when he’s talking & making jokes with my niece & nephew & my brother, but when it’s just he & I, he’s distant. Not sure where I stand anymore.

This isn’t how I envisioned our life together. Is this normal? Out of the 12 years and a half years we’ve been together, we have never felt this distance between us. I’m not sure if this is the beginning to our end. I hope not. I’d like to be optimistic about all of this, hoping and wishing that things will be fine down the track, but I’m not so sure.

Was I being unreasonable to lose my patience when on the night we were about to move? I didn’t think I was at the time, but not sure anymore. I was on conference calls pretty much all day that day, trying to ensure that I was on top of my work before I took 2 days off for the move, pack, get rid of all our stuff by selling them & giving them away and cleaning the place at the same time. He was nowhere in site. I tried to call him for assistance but he said he wouldn’t be able to get home in time. I wasn’t sure where he was. He didn’t get home till almost midnight! The house almost clean by the time he got home. I hadn’t had any dinner & was exhausted from the day I had. Was I out of bounds by losing my temper?

I don’t know, I just don’t know anymore if we’d be able to work it out.

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