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Should I Feel Guilty?

Went out for a drink with my close colleagues after work tonight… It was venting session time… Something we do to release the tension… We each have a turn, exchange stories over a drink.

An ex colleague decided to join us out of the blue…

As we we were ordering our second round of drinks, ES (the surprise guest) ordered a glass of orange juice. VL asked her if she was pregnant & ES replied with a “yes”. I wasn’t sure if she was joking or not so I asked again to confirm. Yes, she is!

The congratulations came around & we spoke about what she could & couldn’t eat. It was an exciting moment for us. It was unexpected as she just started a new job so we thought we she was coming to talk shop with us, as we always do.

As EG (another colleague) and I were leaving, we stopped by the bathroom first as we both had a long train trip ahead. A lady just came out of the bathroom & somehow she mentioned how stressful work has been. I said to her that I hope she’s drinking to make up for the stress & she replied by saying that she’s not drinking as she was trying to get pregnant.

I of course related to the scenario, at least the trying to get pregnant part, when another lady asked her how old she was. She was 41. The lady asked her why she waited so long & her reply was that she had a career. That hit me! I was in the similar situation, but a little younger.

A felt a tinge of guilt.

Was I wrong to be drinking with my girls?

I have to admit, I did! Not only that, I smoke too!

I know that a lot of readers would frown upon this! I frown upon this! Perhaps not so much re the drinking side, but definitely the smoking!

I do however have an appointment with the doctor on Monday to discuss this smoking addiction of mine. It has to stop! That, I know!

October 5, 2012 - Posted by | Feelings

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